Nyhetsbrev fra Christian Family Church International East Africa

Nyhetsbrev Jan-Mars 2019

New Year’s Day

We kept our tradition. New Year’s Day found CFC Iganga in church. By way of testimony sons reminisced how God had worked for them in keeping with the theme of the previous year, “The Anointing Will Bring the Change I Desire.” Riding on the momentum of this confession, we unveiled the 2019 theme – “Nothing Shall Hold Me Back,” inspired from Acts 2:24: “whom God raised up, having loosed the pains of death, because it was not possible that He should be held by it.” This will be the ethos throughout the year’s activities.

TIM Conference

TIM is what our CFCI youth call themselves. They had a convocation attracting youth leaders from all our clusters around East Africa in Week #1. The youth were rallied toward listening to Christ so that there will be no misstep in the match to destiny. Scores were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the scriptural evidence of speaking in new tongues.

CFCI-Uganda Bible College

The first semester occupied Week #3. For the first time, we cleared the manuals from the courier without having to pay taxes. There were 58 students distributed across Year 1, 2, and 3.


It had exceeded two years since my last visit to the churches in Western Uganda. The opportune moment came again in Week #6. In company of Pastors Sowedi and Harriet Mtimba, Ps Christine and I ministered to Christians and leaders from Ibanda and Kamwenge Districts at CFCI Ishongororo. The host church, which we decided to develop into the main church, has strategic land along Ibanda/Fort Portal Road within Ishongororo Town Council.

Among other things, we urged the pastors to enroll into Bible College to fast track the extension of the institution to this part of the country once we have qualified pastors from the region who can be the teachers.

Ongoing construction
One of the Days
Overseer David B.
Cluster Pastors


Bulisa District is in the heart of the Albertine Graben, where government is undertaking massive oil exploration. As such, there are a myriad of infrastructure projects ongoing in the region. Glory to the Lord of the Harvest who has stretched our leg into this zone.

Ps Paul Aliker has started churches in the districts of Bulisa and Hoima. Week #10 saw us teach leaders from the said districts. They were also joined by leaders from Nebbi, Pakwach, Zombo Districts across the Lake in West Nile. In addition, there were DRC pastors who are identifying with CFCI.

Deliverance Time
Historic Obelisk
Lake Albert
Praise Time

The venue of the meetings was our church at Wabigalo, a landing site near the historic beach of Butiaba. The church meets in a shack. The members at this point have raised some money for a church plot but they need to be supplemented.  There is a heavy presence of refugees from DRC both at Wabigalo and Butiaba. Conditions are quite dire.

Baptisms & Church Plants

  • Kaluuba – 30
  • Bulisa – 28
  • Ishongororo – 13
  • Iganga – 11
Church Plants
  • Oryuru CFCI in Kitgum District planted by Ps Wilbert Obonyo
  • Kamwenge CFCI in Kamwenge Town Council planted by Ps David Begumanya
  • Kirambonga CFCI and CFCI Wanti in Hoima District planted by Ps Paul Aliker
  • Mahiagi CFCI in DRC planted by Ps Paul Aliker
  • Nabiganda CFCI in Butaleja District planted by Ps Bwire John Vincent

Ceiling Drive

The church at Iganga is raising money to fix a ceiling in the auditorium. We trust that this can be realized in the coming months. We will raise UGX 7,000,000 by the end of June, the time we hope to commence on this modification.


We appreciate the input of all our partners in the Master’s vineyard. We specifically thank Salem Åros for the continued annual support.

Peter Wanyama

General Overseer 

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